Reader's Testimonials

“His Daily Dose is uplifting and encouraging yet thought provoking, full of messages from the Word on topics related to everyday life.  Christy’s writing is insightful, often packed with significant information and sometimes covers difficult things we might rather sweep under the rug, yet discussed with love – the love of our Father. I look forward to opening the gift that Christy is sharing with me every day, a gift of her heart – open, transparent, Holy Spirit inspired.”

Vickie Hickam

Director of Business Development & Partner/ The Moorings Group

“For me, one of the best things about His Daily Dose is the story behind it. Christy reminds me so much of  the virtuous woman found in Proverbs 31. She tackles everything with enthusiasm and great passion. I doubt there is any challenge too great for her. But what truly sets her apart, like the woman in Proverbs 31, is the fact Christy seeks to put God first in every area of her life. His Daily Dose was born out of her obedience to our Father. In it, Christy shares from her heart what she feels He is calling her to share, and her honesty and transparency gives readers a glimpse of what it looks like to fully surrender your life to Christ.”

Mandy Mullinix

Marketing Specialist/ Thomas Nelson Publishers

“I really enjoy reading His Daily Dose. I love the importance placed on scripture throughout the blog, sometimes it is the only scripture I read that day. I also enjoy the straightforward and truthful nature of the writing. It is very real and I appreciate that. It is like I am sitting there having a conversation with Christy over a cup of coffee and I am hanging on every word. Beautifully written. “

Claire Perko

Engineer / GA Tech Graduate

“I Do it All for His Glory…Christy Becker has an amazingly receptive, obedient, and faithful heart to the Lord. As I reflect on numerous blogs I have read of hers, what keeps coming to my mind is a phrase “I Do it All for Your Glory to Give You All the Praise”. One of my favorite praise songs by Mario Brown that embodies this.

 Christy’s prophetic words have the God-given power to deposit EXACTLY what you need to hear at the EXACT right moment. There is no question in my mind. There are two specific instances that specifically come to mind.  One, a direct submission Christy wrote to me based on a specific struggle & desire in my heart.  It has led me to increasingly grow in vulnerability and trust in God. Prov 3.5… A scary place to say the least.  Letting Go of Control & Resting…
Which leads me to the second specific example.  On 4/8, Christy wrote about dry docking & resting in Him as He Prepares You for What is Next.  In all areas of my life, God had me in this season for about the past three years in teaching me to Submit to Him.  I am now in what I call my dance with God. We twirl around together.  Her words have helped me SEE I WANT him to LEAD the dance because he knows what is BEST.
Christy reminds you in that amazing blog that even in the darkest storms, whether real or constructed in our minds, He is always there (Deut. 31.6). She lovingly reminds us to submit because when He calls you to this rest He is preparing you for what is next. Allow Christy’ words to bless you as Prov 25.11 ‘a word aptly spoken is like apples of gold in settings of silver’. They will change your life.”

Katrina Kiselinchev

President & CEO / Inclusivitie




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