HDD Birthday Celebration Week: Hearing from the Readers

In honor of HDD’s 2nd Birthday Celebration (taking place over the next seven days), we want to give God glory and encourage each other by hearing from our actual readers. Due to the size of our subscriber base, we asked subset of readers to share a brief testimonial regarding their experience with HDD. May your hearts be encouraged! To God be the glory!

“I spent my adult life, up until age 50 as an agnostic. Then, God’s plan included that I should be wrecked and then rebuilt with faith so I could enjoy a truly loving relationship with Him. The knowledge HDD shares helps me grow in that relationship.”

Ronnie, Colorado Springs, CO

“I’m in a season of life where my job requires long hours and has a lot of three things: responsibility, freedom, and few clear-cut answers on how to behave ethically and wisely. In the precious minutes I have on the metro in the morning, reading His Daily Dose reminds me of God’s truth and all the ways it is both comforting and challenging. His Daily Dose is just the right length and scope for me to digest the main point and continue to think about it throughout the day. I’m truly grateful for this ministry and I look forward to seeing how God continues to use it in my life.”

Julia, Washington, D.C. 

“I really enjoy and appreciate your daily dose.  It is always just what I needed to start my day. Your words are encouraging and also thought provoking. Also it is truly Christ centered and I see Him flowing through you. Blessings to you as you enter your third year!!!!”

Martha, Akron, PA

“His Daily Dose has truly been such an encouragement to me! Each time I read I am blessed with how Christy puts things in such a way that helps me to grasp living like Jesus in a practical way. It’s so real and honest and I feel the Holy Spirit speaking and ministering to my heart each time I read it! The word HDD brings to mind for me is freedom–because it proclaims the truths of the Bible in a way that is powerful, practical, informative, and life-changing when put into practice!  I am thankful for this ministry and the way God is using it to speak to His people.”

Celeste, Suwannee, GA 

“What I love most about HDD is that I know everything is written only after Christy Becker spends time with the Lord and she allows the Holy Spirit to dictate each and every day. That is why every post is filled with His love, grace and truth. And that is also why every post brings exactly what it is meant to for each individual reader: because the Lord is so personal He knows what every heart needs to hear on that day.”

Natasha, Denver, CO

“His Daily Dose always seems to be right on target with what I need to hear. It has gotten me through low self esteem days, days when I felt alone in this world and it was there to comfort me while I grieved the loss of my granddaddy. God has His hand in this ministry and He reminds me of His great love daily just by allowing me to be apart of such a wonderful family! His Daily Dose is a constant reminder that God will never leave us nor forsake us and I for one am so grateful for that”

Jessica, Atlanta, GA

“Every now and then, I come across a message that makes me feel like God is giving me a Big Hug; His Daily Dose has been one of those sources in the past year. Delivering practical, relatable articles that have spoken directly into my situation more than once, the organization is undoubtedly Spirit-led. Their passion and desire to serve the Lord in spirit and in truth is evident. I’m thankful for this daily dose of heartfelt messages and I know that God is pleased. Press on, HDD! The flock is eating good!”

Shelly, Baltimore, MD

“For the last year and a half, I have been taking classes to complete a rigorous college degree that has regularly required me to spend the majority of my free time studying and participating in school activities. That kind of time commitment and academic rigor can make it very easy to feel isolated, stressed out, and to give into temptations of trying to do it all on my own. His Daily Dose has been such a great breath of fresh air in my email inbox every day. I am regularly reminded of a couple of things:  1) There is a wonderful Father who loves me deeply and will not let me out of His grasp, no matter how much I struggle or get distracted.  2) I am not alone. Being able to read through the posts has been a great virtual method of connecting myself back to God and His people. I love the passion and heart that goes into every post!”

Melody, Atlanta, GA 

“Each morning I am lifted to a new level of understanding of God’s love for me and others when I read His Daily Dose. Christy, your writings connect with my spirit each morning and God is speaking to my needs and how I can pray for others each day.”

Shirley, Atlanta, GA

“I am so thankful for the Biblical truth Christy speaks through His Daily Dose. As my life has been going through different seasons, dry seasons of waiting, of searching, and of silence, and seasons of overwhelming blessings, of joy, and of God’s undeniable presence, I have found such personal reassurance and peace through reading each post. It is clear that Christy is a devoted disciple of Christ, and He is using her and HDD to speak his wisdom and encouragement.”

Raluca, Newnan, GA 

“The battle between God’s love, my fleshly desires, my freewill, what I think God wants, legalistic views, and intimate whispers of the Holy spirit has a tug and pull in my daily life of being Xerez Pacifico Navarro. HDD has helped clarify God’s plan and what He desires for my heart and actions to be in living in a city like Atlanta in America. There were numerous occasions when a HDD post correlates to a time of struggle, doubt, and loneliness in my life.  Because of this, an inner healing occurred, a sense of freedom from burdens took place, and immense appreciation and comfort covered me. There were no coincidences in those moments in my life. All  of that was God guiding me through the use of HDD. So I thank HDD for continuing to remind me God’s perfect love for my imperfect self, and the ways of coming closer in His presence, and steps in becoming a better role model of a genuine, Christian woman.”

Xerez, Atlanta, GA

“HDD has been a tool that God used to confirm my day to day with Him. Thank you for continually being a resource for many in the world to come to the knowledge of God!”

Gracia, Atlanta, GA

Thank you for choosing His Daily Dose! It is a real honor and privilege to have you as a reader of our site. May Gd alone receive the glory and may His perfect will be done in each of your lives. Join us tomorrow as we publish a very special interview with Freethem Austria, one of HDD’s strategic ministry partners combatting sex trafficking in Europe. Thank you!

Birthday image provided by: Alyson Harville

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